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Instagram Social Media Marketing

Instagram has 500 million monthly active users and clients want to see who and what is behind the business they are working with.

Instagram allows a business to develop a unique brand identity, something completely visual that instantly reminds your clients or customers of your business and allowing them to see behind the scenes of your brand, letting you show off your human side.

By having an exceptional Instagram presence, you can capitalize on the mobile-savvy crowd.

Instagram Demographics


22% M
29% F


18-29 53%
30-49 25%
50-64 11%
65+ 6%
Instagram Social Media Marketing

The Benefits Of Using Instagram

  • Grow your audience
  • Increase brand recognition, awareness, and loyalty
  • Increase your inbound traffic to your site
  • Gain valuable customer insights
  • Build relationships with existing customers and potential new ones
  • Provide rich customers experiences
  • Increase sales and conversions

Instagram Tip: Stick to using the same fonts and filters on your images by using a maximum of 2 or 3, this will help people identify your business more quickly and create better brand recognition.

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