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Pinterest Social Media Marketing

Pinterest has 150 million monthly active users and the user engagement is addictively high with vast amounts of compelling beautiful content.

What’s unique about Pinterest compared to most social media platforms, is that it reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversion. This means that visitors from Pinterest convert into leads or sales faster than from other social media platforms.

Pinterest Demographics


40% M
60% F


18-29 34%
30-49 28%
50-64 27%
65+ 17%
Pinterest Social Media Marketing

The Benefits Of Using Pinterest

  • Grow your audience
  • Increase brand recognition, awareness, and loyalty
  • Increase your inbound traffic to your site
  • Gain valuable customer insights
  • Build relationships with existing customers and potential new ones
  • Provide rich customers experiences
  • Increase sales and conversions

Pinterest Tip: Apply for Rich Pins for your website, a free feature from Pinterest that allows you to add greater detail and information on the pins themselves, making it easier for people to find your business.

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