Who is your ideal customer/client?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “if you market to everyone, you market to no one.”

Even if you think you’ve got the greatest business in the world, not every individual on the planet will agree with you.

When you find a select group or tribe of people who believe in WHY you do what you do, this gives you the space to create a loyal following and ultimately work with the people you most care about, and that doesn’t include EVERYONE.

Social media is a powerful tool for your business to help you connect with your ideal customers, but before you can connect with your ideal customers, you have to know who they are.

The beauty of being in business is that you get to choose who you want to work with.

Granted, there will always be a few difficult customers and when you’re well established will give you leverage to choose who you want to work with and the types of relationships you want to create.

If you’re currently unsatisfied with your clients, take a closer look at your marketing messaging and consider making adjustments if you’re not developing relationships with people who believe in why you do what you do.

Once you have clarity on who your ideal customer or client is, attracting them into your business becomes easier using the information you know about them.

The more you know about your customers will allow you to post compelling content to your social media channels that speak directly to them and allow you to build trust and relationships so that you may do business with them in the future.

To create your ideal client/customer profile, download here.

A common problem I see with business owners on social media is that they want to create great content and provide value, but the content they post is more of interest to them than it is to their customers.

Remember that it’s not about you, it’s about helping your customers and clients.

Go-Givers Sell More, a book written by Bob Burg and John David Mann emphasise that giving is the most fulfilling and effective path to success.

I loved this book as you can apply theses principles to any area of your life, not only in your business.

Why is it so important to know your customer inside out?

When you truly know and understand who your ideal customer is, creating and curating content for them becomes so much more intentional and so much easier to do.

Once you’ve made that connection and continue to provide value, your relationships grow and you start to build trust.

When you continue to provide value, it gives them a reason to come back to your social channels day after day for more great information!

So dig deep, get to the core of what really makes your ideal customer tick, from their deepest fears to their greatest pleasures, and grow the right customer base for your business.

If you’ve never or haven’t created a client/customer profile or avatar for a while, it’s yours to download here.

The energy you put out there and through your content on social media is who you’ll attract back into your business, so take the time to really think about who it is you want to work with.

Enjoy this exercise, find your tribe and lead them!